CLARA Berhasil Mewawancari Pembuat Filter Flying Face! Temukan Fakta Unik di Sini!

Beberapa waktu belakangan ini, para pengguna Instagram dibuat heboh dengan kehadiran Filter Instagram Story dalam bentuk permainan, yang tentunya bukan permainan biasa. Kebanyakan dari Anda mungkin tidak asing lagi dengan permainan bernama Flappy Bird. Berbeda dengan permainan tersebut yang menggunakan sentuhan jari untuk menggerakkan si burung, filter ini justru menggunakan kedipan mata! Pemainan yang unik, menggemaskan dan membuat ketagihan!

Penasaran dengan sosok di balik penemuan ini, tim editorial CLARA pun berhasil berbincang sejenak dengan pemilik akun instagram @dvoshansky. Pria yang disapa Mike ini sebenarnya tidak menyangka bahwa penemuannya dapat begitu menghebohkan dunia maya. Penasaran bagaimana kisahnya? Simak perbincangan kami di bawah ini.  


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Hi Mike, it is so nice to be able to e-meet you. Can you please tell us a bit of yourself?
Hi! I'm 18 years old, born in Sterlitamak, Russia. Now I live in Moscow.

It is stated on your Instagram that you are a digital creator. What is your daily activities regarding this job profile?
I am not sure how my Instagram description related to my daily routine. My life is very common usually. Eating, sleeping, working as a programmer, meeting with my friends. I have some moments in my daily life I'd like to move into the internet. So I move that moments into the digital world.

Straight to the Instagram story filter, may us know how it started?
It started for me this winter. I discovered that I can create filters for Instagram and I want to say thank you to @johwska and @tokyyto – their filters inspired me to make a first step into filters development. After that I began to create my own filters, and I had a full-time job that time too. I sent an application to Instagram to become a filter developer and waited for the approval for 3 months. I had to left my job and I was very happy when Instagram approved my application. I uploaded all my filters to Instagram and continued to make new masks.

Do you have any related educational background with what you are doing right now?
We changed countries often. I could not visit school on a regular basis and study with other children, I was a homeschooler. If I did not like a school subject, I did not learn it well, I learnt it a little. I studied the math mostly, it was my favorite subject in the school curriculum. I used the internet to study all other things: programming, 3D modelling, photo editing etc.

Among all of your filters, it is undeniable that Flying Face is the most used by Instagram users. Can you tell us a story behind that filter?
It is a quite simple story. I came to visit my friend and drink some beer with him. We had a brainstorm meeting with my friend. We were thinking about new filters ideas. I said it would be really great to create a real game for Instagram. After that I went to my Italy for vacation and started to make the Flying Face filter.

How long does it takes to create one Instagram story filter?
It took one week to create the game considering I was on a vacation while developed the filter. Usually I make filters within two to three days, and after that I need two to three days to test how they work.

How did the Instagram inform you when your filters were accepted to be published? How long did it take since the day you submitted the filters until they were published?
Usually it takes one day for Instagram to check a filter. It took one day for my filter, too.

Did you expect that your creation will be as popular as it is today?
I did not expect that, it became a pleasant surprise for me.

There will always be competition in every industry, how to make yourself stand out?
Honestly I do not know. I make things which seem cool to me and try to make them good. Maybe it is my secret – ongoing experiments and permanent moving forward.

Is there any hints about what you will create next for Instagram?
I have two ideas for new games and one idea for a regular Instagram filter.

Bagaimana? Apakah Anda tidak sabar dengan penemuan barunya? Apakah penemuan ini sanggup mengalahkan kehebohan Flying Face? Let's see!