The Me Me Me Issue

According to Oxford dictionary, the word “self” means “A person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others”. A unique-self is a symbol of one’s existence that leads to an object: “Me”. In the now world that has been pounded by the digital wave, one’s existence could only be acknowledged with a single post on the internet. Once you are in, there’s no way out. The emotional expression is normal to be exploded for public consumption. Social media is our diary. No secrets, just a bigger personal space. You can make yourself a star, and make the rest your fans. It is the Me Me Me generation, everybody wants some attention.

Giving you the fascinating beautiful stare, Nadine Pascale Kaiser is our Vol. CVII cover, “The Me Me Me Issue”. This pink-haired lady once became a viral sensation, but our interview with her will show you that she’s more than just Indonesia’s royal heartthrob. She’s got personality as big as her mother’s. This issue is on the stand now!



Video: Syifa Fachrunissa
Sutradara: Andreas Winfrey & Syifa Fachrunissa


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Basically, there’s always time to stop and stare at the precious one.