The Cloud Nineversary Issue

HAPPY NINTH BIRTHDAY TO US! For nine whole years we have been very lucky to be a part of your life. We also have evolved so much because we are a bunch of people who just happens to have a tweaked way of thinking. And we are proud of it! To mark our milestone, this year we keep on spreading our wings to a higher level and broader audience. And here you go, Yang Mulia Tengku Chanela Jamidah on newest cover! Yes, she’s a Malaysian royal. This time, we’d like to dedicate our “The Cloud Nineversary Issue” to celebrate woman who strives to build her own empire despite her born with privileges AND responsibilities. You know, the one-or-two-things that Her Highness knows really well. 

Really, you don’t want to miss this issue. Hurry buy a copy of our Volume CII and celebrate our anniversary altogether all month long!



Teks: Rianti Dwiastuti / Video: Syifa Fachrunissa


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