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Six figures, six personalities, one soul: BVLGARI


As an entrepreneur, how important is fashion to you?

In business, first impressions are crucial. Obviously the first thing you notice, or even judge, about the other person is how they look. Appearance is the first connection you can have with a stranger and obviously if the way they look is appealing, then you will want to get to know them more. Fashion is an important way to convey what you want to say without saying a single word. If you have signature style, you’ll be remembered for that. This is powerful.

If fashion were a cup of coffee, how would it taste?

Good one! I think it would definitely be more like our Honduras Micro-lot from Finca La Manzano: a crisp chocolate aroma with notes of hazelnuts and hints of cinnamon. A syrupy body is complimented with a chocolate clean finish.



What does good accessory give you?

A good accessory gives me an astute personification of my profound expression in the manner of manifesting my customized style and fashion.

What does your style speak about?

My style speaks freedom from deceit by having a quality or fact for being sincere, humble, honest and respectful.



What is the best part of being a fashion enthusiast?

Always get to try new things and get out from the comfort zone. I am always encouraged to be creative all the time, be different, and enhance our unique point.

 What does distinguish your style from the others?

I am very feminine, elegant, and poise. It doesn’t mean that I don’t dress up in any other styles, but I always add my feminine touch to it.



How do you define a classic elegance style?

Timeless, graceful, understated.

What or who inspires you to jump into the fashion industry?

Nobody inspired me, I never knew I was going to end up in the fashion industry. It was a career path paved by nature.



What is fashion to you?

Fashion to my eyes is what music is to my ears. I may not be the best pianist nor do I have an 8-octave vocal range, but I can’t survive a day without blurting out my favourite lyrics or air-guitaring my favourite rock song’s chords or marvelling at the richness of a velvet-voiced mezzo-soprano’s aria rendition. Likewise, I’m no designer or fashion critic or famous 21st century blogger, yet each and every day I would unconsciously utilise clever patterns’ cuts-and-drapes or fabric juxtapositions or colour pairings, as an avenue to channel my innermost thoughts & overall mood.

How does fashion help build your character?

I think the choice of clothing I wear reveals a great deal of who I really am. And it goes the same for other people, too. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and what one wear changes every day according to one’s mood, but if you connect the dots and see it from an overall perspective, what one chooses to wear will provide nonverbal clues about one’s comfort zone & underlying personality. Ergo, I would not be wearing something that’s out-of-character, because not only that it will be very uncomfortable for me, but also because it reveals nothing about me.



What is the must-have item in your closet?

Anything black and white because it’s classic and timeless.

What does prestige mean to you?

Prestige is a satisfaction that I feel when I achieve my goals.


 Teks: Claresta Pitojo / Foto: Hilarius Jason / Lokasi: Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

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